Python, Django, Flask, Golang, React, React Native, Flutter

Web and Mobile Application Development

Quality product in time

What we do ?

We develop quality web applications from scratch to production deployment(or fixing/modifying existing codebase). We work on ecommerce, Open edXⓇ platform, health care, hotel management, dashboards, CRM and many more.
  • Python, Django Web Development
  • Django Rest APIs using Django Rest Framework
  • Django Celery and Cron Implementation for Background Processes
  • Angular Front end development
  • React Front end development
  • React Native mobile app development
  • Mobile app development using OnSenUI, javascript, jquery, cordova
  • Ionic mobile app development using Angular
  • Open cv(Image processing)
  • Single Page Application(SPA) development(using Angular.js, React.js or Cowhite.js)
  • Ubuntu Server Setup and Deployment
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Scalable Web Application Development(Performance Optimization) using techniques like caching, query optimization etc.
  • Customization and installation of the Open edXⓇ software
  • E-commerce Web Development
  • Test Driven Development(TDD)
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS) - EC2 Instance for deploying application, S3 for static files
  • BigBlueButton Installation/Integration/Setup and implement its api.
  • Facebook api
  • Social(Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) Login and Social Share.
  • Implementation of various third party apis.
    • Python
    • Django
    • React
    • React Native
    • Ionic
    • Jquery
    • Bootstrap
    • Angular Js
    • Angular Material Design
    • Postgresql
    • MySql
    • MongoDB
    • Ubuntu
    • Memcached
    • RabbitMq
    • Redis
    • Supervisor
    • Gunicorn
    • Nginx
    • Git
    • Trello

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    Our Work

    This is a list of our client work, our demo apps and our products.

    Appointment Booking Platform

    A fitness platform built using python/django/jquery where consumers can book appointments with fitness professionals.


    A platform built using the Open edXⓇ technology, bigbluebutton and custom code.


    Mentoring for entrepreneurs

    Broadway & Oni




    The best way to Find, Hire, and Pay the service professional you need - Our client project.


    Extract posts from facebook groups, auto comment on approved posts. and many more features inside.


    Oracle assessments.



    Medical Assessment

    Charts Demo

    Highcharts, Amcharts, Google Charts.

    A demo app to demonstrate various charts using employees database provided by MySQL.

    Stripe Subscription Demo

    Stripe Payments Subscription Demo

    A demo app to demonstrate the payment subscription implementation using Stripe.

    Team Management System

    Our timepass Demo project.

    Travel portal

    A web application built using python, pymongo, django, mongodb, angularjs for booking flights, hotels and activities.

    Stealth mode

    A large django/angularjs web application. Its in stealth mode right now.


    Essential education


    Open Source

    We love open source( and we have developed these open source applications as of now:
    • django-members-roles: An invitation system for members of a group and roles/permissions for those members.
    • Cowhite.js: A simple jquery library that allows to build single page applications easily.

    Get in touch

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