What is Django middleware and how to Create a custom Django middleware


Managing front-end javascript dependencies using Node Package Manager and bower

Maintaining the dependencies of libraries and packages can be cumbersome in the modern development environment if not handled carefully. It is impractical to include the external packages in code management systems. Dependencies can make setting up of new development environment a pain and deployment even harder.

A curated list of Django packages that we frequently use at cowhite

Here is a list of Django packages that we frequently use in our development at Cowhite and we hope this will help you too. And this list is going to be updated regularly.

DJango Oauth Toolkit - Authenticating users with access tokens

This is the continuation of our previous post which explains how to build APIs that are protected with OAuth2. We are using Django OAuth Toolkit and I am assuming that you have already followed the previous post.

Building OAuth2 Services in Django with Django OAuth Toolkit

Most of the modern web applications are not stand alone services, but utilise the capabilities of others' services and focus on solving its core problem well. That is a bit confusing. what do I mean by that? For example most of the web applications allow you to login with your google or facebook accounts. They leave away the hectic tasks of maintaining the user profile information, password management etc. to the services that already do it well. To take another example, most commuting, location based services use google maps (without the need to build their own maps) in their applications, and they put all their efforts on the problem they want to solve.

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