Differences between python and java


This article is not to discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of both python and java, rather it is to explain and then realize how powerful these two languages are.


If you are a java progarammer, first you need to compile the code that you have written , and this compiled code is nothing but the byte code. This byte code will be executed by the JVM at run time.


It is a scripting language. Each and every line will be interpreted at run time, and even the datatype determination happens at runtime, hence it is a bit slower when compared to java.


If we compare the peformance between java and python, java will be ahead because type checking in case of java is static, that means the type checking of the variable will happen at compile time.

If there are any symantic errors in your java code, the application server cannot be started,because the type checking happens at compile time itself and this is good actually since the errors are found at initial stage itself.

In case of python, type checking of variables is dynamic in nature, that means the type checking of variables happens during interpretation at run time, so the application server can be started even if you have symantic errors, so that there are chances that the issues will be found only at run time in case of python. Also the processing time will be marginally higher in case of python when compared to java.

Why I have chosen python over java:

The above point is not at all a rude shock to the python aspirants, because web page loading is not always about computation, it is something more than that. The webpages are all about rich user interfaces and in most case, the user interface development is the driving force. Based on the experience I have, at any time, when I think about web development , I always choose python over java and the reason for me is simple, it takes less development time when compared to java.

I know some people say that in case of huge enterprise applications(where the the concept of concurrency come into picture), java is better , and may be they are correct, but if the application that you are developing is not enterprise related, then you can go for python. To make web application development easier with python, we can use frameworks like django, flask.


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