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Open edXⓇ is an open source course management platform that allows instructors/teachers to add course content(videos, text content, images, forum discussion, assessment etc) and then the students can enroll to the courses(free or paid) and view the courses.

Open edXⓇ has the following main components(in general sense):

  • LMS - Where students can enroll and view the courses
  • CMS - Where instructors can add course content and manage them
  • Ecommerce - Open edXⓇ uses django-oscar for managing the ecommerce section. Cybersource and paypal are available by default. But you can integrate any other payment gateway.
  • XBlocks - Its Edx'sⓇ component architecture. It allows people to contribute various components and developers can integrate some of the XBlocks for use in their application as per their requirement. Here are the list of XBlocks -


Open edXⓇ has multiple releases as of now. These are the releases:

Release Name Release Date Git Tag
GInkgo.2 (Latest release) 2017-12-18 open-release/ginkgo.2
Ginkgo.1 2017-08-14 open-release/ginkgo.1
Ficus.4 2017-08-10 open-release/ficus.4
Ficus.3 2017-04-21 open-release/ficus.3
Ficus.2 2017-03-29 open-release/ficus.2
Ficus.1 2017-02-23 open-release/ficus.1
Eucalyptus.3 2017-01-10 open-release/eucalyptus.3
Eucalyptus.2 2016-09-02 open-release/eucalyptus.2

And other older releases: Eucalyptus.1, Dogwood.3, Dogwood.2, Dogwood.1, Dogwood, Cypress, Birch.2, Birch.1, Birch, Aspen.

In the next blog post, we will explore clearly on the open edXⓇ devstack installation and open edXⓇ native installation.

Are you looking for Open edXⓇ development/installation/customization ? We can do it for you. Please email us to

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