Django Training

Training project: Sample ecommerce project (Most of the topics below will be explained using this project)

Assignment Project : Simple college system(attendance, fee payment)

Duration: 35 classes for Django(1 hour each). We provide help/support in building your assignment project(simple college system) for an additional month from the last date of course.

Course Structure

  • Basics of html/css/javascript/jquery in 1 hour for the purpose of understanding django well.

  • About MVC

  • How Django works(urls, views, templates)

  • Django project setup using virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper.

  • Models, migrations

  • Urls

  • Views, function based views, class based views

  • Templates built-in tags, custom tags, custom filters

  • Model querysets

  • Forms

  • Model forms

  • Middleware and writing custom middleware

  • Sessions

  • Management commands and custom management commands

  • Transactions

  • Aggregation

  • Exceptions

  • Signals

  • Sending emails

  • Admin overview

  • Caching

  • Messages framework

  • Staticfiles and media files

  • Tests

  • Using third party packages with some examples like allauth

  • Production deployment