Different cases of sending data in Ajax request in Django


Hi Guys,

I would like to explain some of the complex issues we might come across while sending data using Ajax.

Case 1: Simple json

When we send simple key, value pairs in the javascript object, we can simply generate the JSON object like this:

// Javascript Code
data = {
    'key1': 'value1',
    'key2': 'value2'

We can access it simply in Django view

# Django Code
print request.POST['key1'] # prints value1 if value1 is not array

Case 2: Array as value

Let us assume a javascript JSON object as below

 // Javascript Code
data = {
    "key1": [1,2,3],
    "key2": "simple string"

We need to use getlist in Django to access array items

# Python Code
key1 = request.POST.getlist("key1[]")  #Dont forget []. It returns the list [1,2,3]
key2 = request.POST['key2'] #Simple strings can be accessed normally

Case 3: Dictionary/javascript JSON object as a value

Let us assume we are sending some complex data like this.

// Javascript Code
data = {
    "key1": {"a": "b"},  //It can be as deep/complex as you want. Dictionary in a dictionary in python. JSON object in JSON object in javascript.
    "key2": [1,2,3], //Some list
    "key3": "simple string"

Since key1 is a JSON object, we need to convert it(not the whole data) to JSON string before sending using ajax.

// Javascript Code
data['key1'] = JSON.stringify(data['key1'])

We need to convert this JSON string to dictionary in Python.

# Django Code
key1 = json.loads(request.POST['key1']) # request.POST['key1'] returns a string but json.loads converts it to dictionary

key2 = request.POST.getlist("key2[]")  #Returns a list 
key3 = request.POST['key3']  #Simple string can be accessed directly.

Ajax call:

I use the below javascript code when sending ajax requests

// Javascript Code
    "url": url,
    "type": "post",
    "data": data //Data that we prepared previously,
   "success": success_callback,
   "error": error_callback

Do you know any better way to do this ? Feel free to mention in comments.


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