How to use preview mode in google tag manager to check if events are working correctly or not.


In the previous article, we have seen how to setup google tag manager and creation of tags, triggers and variables. In this article, we will see if those events are working as expected or not using the preview option in google tag manager.

To see how to setup google tag manager go to this article

So assuming the google tag manager setup is done and triggers, variables, tags are all created, let us see how to use the preview mode in google tag manger(GTM).

Click on the preview button on the top right and you will be presented with the following screen.

alt text

Now open your website in a new tab in the same browser. You will see a section in the footer, where you will get information about tags being fired or not on that page.

alt text

Click on a link or a button for which you have added a trigger and you will see the tags fired in the footer. you can always click on the of that particular event and see the variables to make sure your trigger has been configured correctly.

alt text

If the tags are firing as desired, you can see the analytics data in real time here

alt text


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