Open edXⓇ - Classification of our team members to different roles


Open edXⓇ faciliates us with the below roles to which our team members can be assigned to.

  • Staff
  • Admin
  • Beta Testers
  • Discussion Admins
  • Discussion Moderators
  • Discussion Community TAs

Staff & Admin Roles:

You can assign Staff and Admin roles to your team members when they work in either the LMS or Studio. The people who have these roles can work on your course in Studio(CMS), the LMS, and Insights.

Beta Testers:

Beta testers have early access to the course. Beta testers are not members of the course team: they do not have information about “how it is supposed to work”. They use their own computers and Internet connections to view videos, follow links, and complete problems. They interact with the course as students will to find, and make, mistakes.

Discussion Admins, Discussion Moderators, and Discussion Community TAs:

To moderate course discussions, team members must have one of these discussion roles assigned to them in addition to the Staff or Admin role.

Discussion admins:

This role have priviliges to work on discussions as moderators. Whenever a discussion admin responds or comments to a discussion and their posts, he will be identified as staff by the learners. This role can be reserved for assignment to course team members who have the Admin role only: the discussion admins can then both moderate discussions and give other users these discussion management roles whenever necessary.

Discussion community TAs:

This role have the same privileges as Discussion Admins.However, posts made by community TAs are marked as “By: Community TA” in the list of posts on the Discussion page. Responses and comments made by community TAs have a colored “Community TA” identifier. This role is often given to students.

Discussion moderators:

Discussion moderators can edit and delete messages at any level, review messages flagged for misuse, close and reopen posts, pin posts, and endorse responses. Posts made by moderators are marked as “By: Staff” in the list of posts. Responses and comments made by moderators have a colored “Staff” identifier. This role is often given to course team members who already have the Staff role.


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