Open edXⓇ - How to setup a edXⓇ.org course


Before setting up a edXⓇ.org course, we need to plan and specify two types of basic information.

  • Course information:
    This info includes course title and number, certificate price, course enrollment tracks, the name of the course administrator of your organization and this info remains constant whether the course runs one time or multiple times.
  • Course Run information:
    This includes info such as course staff and start date and this info can change every time the course runs.

Once the course and course run information is planned, you enter that information into either Publisher or Studio, depending on whether your course will be on or on Edge.

For courses on, you enter the course and course run information in Publisher. Publisher is a companion to Studio and is used to create About pages.

When you are ready to create a course and course run on, you add information in the Publisher tool. The information that you enter depends on your goal.

  • Goal1: If your goal is to enter course content in Studio immediately, you enter a small amount of specific course and course run information in Publisher. Open edXⓇ will then create a Studio URL for a course run, and you can add content and modify settings in Studio.
  • Goal2: If your goal is to create a course About page, you enter all required information in Publisher. Open edXⓇ then creates an About page for your course run and publishes the About page on

When Publisher creates a Studio URL for the course run, Studio adds the user who created the course run as a course team member. That particular course team member must then add other course team members in Studio.


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