Open edXⓇ - How to create a new Course in Studio


To create a course, we need to follow the below steps.

  • Sign in to Studio: Once we sign into studio, we see a green button in the top right as shown below. alt text

  • We need to click on that button, then we see below screen.

    alt text

  • Once we fill all the details in the above screen and click on create button, we will get redirected to the below Course outline page.

    alt text

    As shown in above screen, Course outline page is like a container to the course where it contains one or more sections and each section contains one or subsections and each subsection contains course units and these course units contains components and this is our job to develop this course outline.

Now our next steps can be

  • Adding other course team members
  • setting the course start and end dates
  • developing the course outline.

Adding course team members to the course:

In order to give access to your team members to access to Studio, the instructor dashboard in the LMS, and Insights, you need to assign one of the below course team roles to them. - Staff - Admin

Below are the prerequisites for adding your team members to Staff and Admin roles.

  • You must be an admin.
  • the team team that want to add must register a user account and activate the account.

Below are the steps to add a team member to your course:

  • Visit the studio, then you see the list of course as shown below.

    alt text

  • Then click on the course to which the team members to be added, and then you see the below screen.

    alt text

    In the above screen, you can see settings dropdown in the top navigation, click on that,then you see Course Team, now click on course team, then you see the below screen.

    alt text

    Now in the above screen, you can see a green button "Add a new team member", click on that, then you see the below screen.

    alt text

    Once you add the user, the user can start using the studio. The added user needs to enroll in the course so that he/she can preview the course in LMS.


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